POWER TO SUCCEED will be happening on the 31st of January & the 1st  of February 2015 at The Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Ln, W8 5SP. Registrations start at 8am and doors open at 9am.

POWER TO SUCCEED is about not waiting any longer. It’s about facing those challenges and limiting beliefs front on. It is about learning and seizing the new skills to sustain your journey to success. It is different from all the other seminars out there because it is done experientially, so whatever your learning style this is for you.




Learn to cope with your key fears around judgment.


Understand your unconscious programming from your upbringing and experience what is holding you back.


Get given tools to counter anything that is challenging you, enabling you to create more momentum and getbetter results in your life.


Develop effective action steps, join a community of doers and achievers.

NEW! The Coaching Hour – this where Elliot coaches live from stage. Have a burning issue that needs addressing? Make sure you are there for The Coaching Hour, it might be you he picks.

NEW! Learn Elliot’s strategies that took him from broke to wealth in a time when he was told to quit, get a job and that what he was doing was hopeless during a recession. Despite all of that, Elliot, The Coach with the Hat has turned his life around and he will show you how.

What past attendees have said:

Elliot’s style of delivery, facilitation and coaching is of pure integrity, excellence and gets right to the core of your belief systems.I have gone from suicidal, homeless,completely broke, broken hearted and in massive debt. 6 months later I now run 2 successful businesses, I am a professional speaker and about to publish my first book.

Lia Aquila – Founder of RawFest


ANYONE who wants to get bigger and better results in their life! We have had people come to grow their businesses, find a new path for themselves, or even to help mend their marriage.

We have had people from vast walks of life attending POWER TO SUCCEED – including, but not limited to:

lawyers, dentists, aero space engineers, artists, make up artists, chefs, raw chefs, authors, skin care product designers, photographers, accountants, massage therapists, coaches, nurses, social workers, youth workers teachers, network marketers, image consultants, property investors and many more.

POWER TO SUCCEED will be happening on the 31st of January & the 1st of February 2015 at The Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Ln, W8 5SP. Registrations start at 8am and doors open at 9am. 

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Experiential Approach

POWER TO SUCCEED is fast becoming the No.1 interactive training course for people who want to step up, step out and own their success. Whatever you may have heard about the impact of POWER TO SUCCEED – to really know, you need to go.

One Mission

POWER TO SUCCEED has one mission; to give you the tools to take away and use long term in your life. This is why it is interactive and experiential – so you can truly EXPERIENCE the power of our tools.

International Impact

This work has been so impactful and unique that it has been shared and delivered in the USA, Rwanda, Spain, Israel and features in the UK 4 times a year. It is the power of his coaching methodology that has led Elliot to work with Gold Medal winning Rowers and many more top performers.

“There is no such thing as failure only those who give up too soon” Elliot Kay – The Coach with the Hat

Power to Succeed has had a fantastic positive influence on me in the last year I have been participating. It has made me take action and transformed many areas of my life both business and personal. Elliot Kay has an amazing talent for making you ‘rethink’ the way you see things and behave, making my life fuller and more focused – truly phenomenal experience.

Karen Garrigan founder of Mechtric Services

I felt my confidence level was at rock bottom, I was disillusioned and demoralised. My whole paradigm shifted and I was confronted with my inner self. Over the last 12 months I have conquered a lot of the fears that were holding me back. I have spoken to a room of over 100 people; Elliot has given me strategies on how to be successful in my business by identifying and knowing what I want out of the next phase of my life. PTS is the best personal development and coaching weekend PAID or FREE there is!!!

Jasmine Smith

Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay


Elliot Kay has been working in the field for a collective 17 years – internationally as well in The UK. Elliot is a home grown talent, coach mentor and facilitator who has helped many people move from employed to running their own businesses – start ups gain GREAT results and business owners improve their turnover.





Years of Experience


POWER TO SUCCEED is a 2-day hands-on, experiential and interactive seminar – where you are actively involved in each process.

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Book your ticket valued at £2000 for FREE now!

Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Lane, Kensington, London W8 5SP


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